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Band Members

Julie Boyle

Formerly starring in the shower, Julie brought her vocals public first with the acapella group "The Treblemakers" and the 5 piece garage band "The Remainders" A nasty breakup of "The Remainders" left 3 remaining members at loose ends. Julie, Mike and Doug were saved from a certain life at the airport lounge by a well placed call from the Adhocs. With only a keen ear for music, Julie thanks her bandmates, especially daughter Kailee for their patience.

Kailee Boyle

When she’s not playing saxophone, Kailee hits that cowbell like she’s exorcising every demon in existence. She hasn’t found a tempo yet that she can’t pound out.

Julianne Clease

Already a seasoned pro at a young age, Julianne has done the choir and coffee-house circuit, as well as having recently performed in the Stampede talent contest. Within the Ad Hoc’s, she’s surrounded by many chaperone’s.

Doug Crowe

Doug's earliest musical memory is listening to LP albums of the Bambi soundtrack and Gilbert and Sullivan's “the Mikado.” In high school he and keyboardist Mike Webb formed a no name band with one other guitar player. In grade 12, he switched to classical guitar and eventually reached a Grade 6 level. Many (and we mean many) years passed working and raising a family until the urge to play hit again. His wife (without asking him) set him up with some neighborhood friends for a Wednesday night jam. Mike the keyboard player from high school was back in. Doug's sister, knew about the band and asked if one of her students, Julie Boyle, could try singing with a live band and PA. That fateful night in a Midnapore basement we knew that Julie was sympatico. Drummers, guitarists, and bass players came and went but Julie, Mike, and Doug were part of "The Remainders." Eventually they ran out of drummers and the band broke up on the eve of a coffee house where Julie's friend Marvin had a notion to put together a new band with some of the talented people at the coffee house and the "Ad Hoc" band was born.

Hillary D’Souza

There hasn’t been an instrument discovered yet that Hillary has not mastered. He’s the musical virtuoso of the band and if you watch closely, you’ll see some pretty mean dance moves as well.

Joanne Hodson

Teacher by day, rock and roll singer by night, Joanne leads a dual existence that most of her students are unaware of. Her secret is our secret.

Marvin Matthews

After spending a better part of 30 years playing in various bands in Montreal, when Marvin moved to Calgary in 1998, playing in another band was the last thing on his mind. So he held out until 2005 when the allure and promise of the ADHOC Band was too great. Since then, it’s been nothing but frolic and merriment.

Dan Owen

Despite having come in no better than last in all school competitions, Dan went on to play drums for the 'Kirbies'. His career peaked in 1988 when in played backup percussion for children's entertainer 'Paulo' on an as yet to be released album of cowboy-themed children's songs. A four year tour of duty in western Canadian taverns resulted in a chronic fear of Kraft Dinner. Now involved in the local construction industry, Dan was delighted to get the call to join the ADHOC Band. As a spiritualistic dyslexic, Dan would like to thank DOG for all his success.

Jim Prokop

Jim’s trumpet playing has graduated from Uke dance band in Edmonton in 1980 to now playing as the newest member with the Adhoc Band. When he’s not playing the trumpet you can see him dance and bang that tambourine!

Chris Sore

The English accent might sound fake, but he really does hail from the other side of the pond. Chris is the ‘entertainer’ in the band. Talk to him about “Smokie”, “T-Rex” or Newcastle, and you’ll have his ear all night.

Dustin Thatcher

Having played saxophone and clarinet throughout junior high and high school, Dustin continued his love of music with a diploma at Mount Royal College. Not wanting to be a starving musician, Dustin found his interests drift toward the academic study of religion– I guess being a starving academic is better than a starving musician. Wanting to keep music in his life, Dustin has found himself in the pit band for community theatre, and recently– through a complicated web of connections– at the Ad Hoc band. After completing his B.A. in Religious Studies, Dustin plans to venture into yet another field, Physiotherapy.

Mike Webb

Keyboard player, works days as a petroleum engineer and in his words, “plays his Nord Electro rig with all the stage presence of someone writing a final exam.”

Matt White

With every live performance, his fan club and reputation grow along with his collection of guitars. He can bend and twist a note on a guitar string like no one’s business.

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The Ad Hoc Band consists of a diverse group of talented singers & musicians, whose goal is to raise awareness for people and organizations in need.